Who We Are

Founded in 2018, our mission is to give people an honest and fair route when it comes to selling their home. Home sellers use us as an option to make the sale of their home as simple as possible. Investors use us to purchase homes, raise capital & gain education.

Pat and Kyle have been buying properties in Northeast Florida for over 15 years. We purchase on average 30 homes per month, buying from sources including foreclosure auctions, tax deed auctions, MLS, agent & home owner referrals, HUD, bank REO’s & outbound marketing. Our no-nonsense approach and true transparency allows us to be much more direct with our clients, both home sellers and investors.

Our overarching goal is to create a painless home-selling experience for our sellers while keeping that small business feel; focusing on our reputation of kindness and understanding over the bottom dollar.

4000 +

Homes Purchased

15 +

Years experience

30 +

Homes per month

1100 +

Rental Portfolio

400 M+

Brokerage sales

$ 50 M

Hard money lent


YellowBird Makes it Simple

Skip the inspection.  What that means for you is that we will never ask you to make costly repairs on your house.  We’ll also skip the appraisal.  When we agree on a number that day, it will never be adjusted by a bank or third party.  And finally, no waiting.  You won’t be waiting on a buyer and you can call us anytime before closing.


YellowBird Makes it Fast

We make all cash offers. We use our own funds to purchase your home, so that there’s no waiting on banks or lenders. We will also close on your schedule. That can be as quickly as 24 hours, or any timeline that works for you. Lastly, we can help with your move.


YellowBird Makes it Flexible

We pay all closing costs. We will take care of any administrative processing fees so you don’t have to. Avoid realtor fees – when you work with us you can avoid commissions and other costs associated with selling to a realtor. We’re hassle free. If you need to sell your home quickly, we are the team to work with.

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Whether your house is in foreclosure or you have inherited an estate that you do not wish to maintain, our team is known for being quick home buyers and we are here to help.  You are not alone.  We have a solution for the quick sale of your property and we’ll give you an all cash offer.

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What our clients have to say

Yellowbird and their staff were so helpful. We were able to sell our home very fast. Fast closing! Everything we expected and more. Their offer more than met our expectations!

YellowBird Home Buyers are great to work with! I can’t recommend them enough if you need to sell your home quickly and professionally.

I've worked with the team at YellowBird Home Buyers for years and one of the things that often sets them apart from other investors is that they really want to do the right thing for everyone involved.