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The Most Impactful Thing We Do


Every quarter, our real estate company hosts a dynamic networking event, bringing together over 300 professionals, stakeholders, and community members with the shared goal of building meaningful relationships and fostering community cohesion. The event serves as a vibrant platform for individuals in the real estate industry to connect, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities, creating a synergistic enviroment for collective success. Attendees engage in lively discussions, share insights on market trans, and establish partnerships that extend beyond transactional boundaries, emphasizing the company’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and interconnected business community.

As the networking event unfolds, participants benefit from targeted activities designed to facilitate genuine connections, including speed networking sessions, panel discussions featuring industry experts and interactive workshops. Through these initiatives, our company seeks to not only strengthen professional ties but also to provide a valuable space for learning and growth within the real estate community. Ultimately, this quarterly gathering stands as a testament to our dedication to fostering a collaborative and thriving ecosystem, where the collective success of the community is prioritized and celebrated.

Other Connect Events

In addition to our quarterly Connect, we actively organize smaller, more  intimate events  throughout the year, ensuring continuous platform for connection, knowledge sharing, and relationship building with the community.


Breakfast with Kyle

Kyle, the founder of Yellowbird, shares real estate insights over breakfast to inspire success among other professionals seeking similar achievements.


Book Club

We host a book club where we read one book each month, proting idea exchange and personal growth beyond business, fostering a well-rounded and connected team.


For the Chicks

We organize networking events specifically for women in business, creating a supportive space to foster connections and empower professional success. 

Join the Community on Facebook!

Our Facebook page, boasting nearly 11k members, serves as a dynamic hub where participants discover lucrative deals, seek valuable insights by posing questions, and forge meaningful connections that extend beyond traditional networking avenues. This thriving online community has become and indispensable resource, providing members with a unique platform to leverage collective expertise and access opportunities they might not encounter elsewhere. Through this interactive space, this page fosters a vibrant ecosystem where knowledge-sharing and deal-making flourish, empowering each member to elevate their real estate endeavors.

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