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Being a successful investor or real estate agent is difficult, which is why I cringe every time I see an ad on Facebook for a $10,000 guru course to teach you to be a millionaire from your kitchen table, in your underwear, with nothing but a cell phone.

I fell victim to one of those when I first started because I was looking for the easy way out.

Having an optimistic mindset that “anything is possible” is a positive quality, but it needs to be balanced with the hard facts of reality:

  • This can be a high-risk, cut-throat business.
  • Anybody that has been successful has worked their ass off and taken their lumps.
  • Most fail.

It’s those who understand that balance that succeed.

During the Vietnam war, Admiral James Stockdale was a POW for over seven years. In an interview with Jim Collins, these were his comments about “The Optimists:”


“Who didn’t make it out?”
“Oh, that’s easy,” he said. “The optimists.”
“The optimists? I don’t understand,” I said, now completely confused,
given what he’d said a hundred meters earlier.
“The optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by
Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then
they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and
Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas
again. And they died of a broken heart.”


Positivity is great, but it needs to be checked.


“You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end, have the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality whatever they might be” – Admiral Stockdale


– Pat




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