Rocks and the Importance of Goal Setting

Pints with Pat

What’s up everybody? It is Friday, October 8th, it’s Pints of Pat. I am soaking wet right now because it’s pouring, raining outside, we got the radar up on the […]

#34 – Hard Times Make Hard Men

Pints with Pat

Patrick Flynn: What’s up, everybody. It is Pints with Pat, we are Friday, April 9th.   Matthew Regan: April 9th.   Patrick Flynn: Friday, April 9th. So me and Matt […]

#33 – Mental Toughness

  What’s up, everybody? It is a… We got April second here, Easter weekend, Happy Easter everyone. Good Friday, right now, this is the first podcast I’m doing in the […]

#32 – Slipping out of the Slump

  Well, everybody is in. We are Friday, the 28th, 2626, Friday the 26th, we got Gabe and Matt with us today. And like I said, what is different about […]

#31 – Accountability

Pat Flynn Podcast Jville

What’s up, everybody? It is points with Pat, and I should have actually drank a beer today… I don’t know if we have any. Today is Friday, February 5th. Matt […]

#29 – Adversity and Acceptance

Pints with Pat

What’s up, everybody? It is Friday, January 22nd, getting deeper and deeper into the New Year now, mats over here drinking a beer at some point, we are gonna start […]

#28 – Meditation and 2021 Outlook

What’s up everybody we’re at Pints with Pat Friday the 15th of January second week into the new year we run traction at yellow birds at the book EOS is […]