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Well, everybody is in. We are Friday, the 28th, 2626, Friday the 26th, we got Gabe and Matt with us today. And like I said, what is different about today is I went on Facebook live on my personal Facebook rather than… Usually, I do it in our little real estate investing group in Jacksonville, but we had Pablo Gonzales in here this week, Facebook, social media extraordinary, and he was like, You know what path you should try going on your personal Facebook and doing the Friday podcast instead, because you never know maybe someone you went to high school with, you went to college with is out in Colorado and has money they want to invest, or as the house they wanna flip and want some information about it, so… I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. We’ll go today. Plus, we’re getting a little more personal today anyway, like I said, during this, I just talk about the past week, but me and Matt have missed the last couple weeks, I’ll start with, I don’t know. Why do we miss it? Two Fridays ago. What was that? You were out of town. One of the day… Well, last Friday, we’ll start with that.

Actually, it was a bachelor party down in QS, my good friend Todd, I said this many times already, but a bachelor party in your mid-30s is not even remotely what a fucking bachelor party is like in your early and even mid 20s. So it was a bunch of old men. Down in QS, we went fishing, I think we had one hard night, but the rest of it was kind of licking our wounds and laying in the sun. The fishing was awesome. We went on a little bus crews thing. Actually, we stayed at a VR Bo and I had a really good relationship. It was in my name, really good relationship with the guy running the VR Bo, and I just got a review back from them, and live is one… Starts like an asshole. Yeah, I was talking to a comment or a theaters, one star, and I was asking Jane last night, I was like, we left it clean. And they were like No beer cans everywhere, anywhere, but one thing I didn’t do was I didn’t put all the fucking towels in the dryer, like Come on the tests, but not on a put to and a dry and clean all the dishes.

I didn’t know that was a thing at Airbnb anyway. I give them a great review. Now, I love like a… Yeah, we stayed at an awesome house, it was a phenomenal time. The last bachelor party I went to was my own, and that was, I guess, a couple of years ago. But this one I’m even deeper now into my 30s, and I guess it’s Friday now, and I’m feeling 100% in now a couple of weeks, and we didn’t even… We didn’t even go that hard also in news, as Nora is turning, a really funny story about this too, nor is turning for tomorrow, we’re having a little birthday party for at the house, and it’s a mermaid-themed birthday party, and one of our friends is dressing up as a mermaid, and she got this Mermaid outfit of Amazon and she tried it on and she’s like… It’s a four-year-old’s birthday party. Just so you know, my ass looks like the manager good with me coming over and wearing this, but… We’ll have the Nieman Mermaid at the party too. It’ll be fun. But let’s get into it. Let’s get into the week.

Another phenomenal week, phenomenal month, it’s the last Friday of the month, so we just had our monthly meeting, we bought 37 houses in December, 19 of them being direct to seller, crazy strong month, crazy strong pace in the office, we made a couple of new hires in the past week. So things are just moving, things are moving really, really quickly, and I gotta say, like coming off… Me and Matt usually hit this every Friday, I had a week with… I miss at the bachelor party last weekend, and I’ve kind of felt… And I talked about a couple of weeks ago, a little bit in not a slump, but just not waking up as early as I want to and should, which screws up this part of my day, which screws up the eating part of my day. I’ll ask you gave ’cause you’re kinda into this stuff to… A weekend of drinking or even a night of drinking can derail like three days after that, but how do you pull yourself out to get back in… ’cause I was it, I was rolling in January, it was at 5-00 AM every morning and roll and did my morning thing, but…

Now, a struggle the past couple of weeks. Yet, how do you pull yourself out of it?

I usually get side-tracked with I go on vacation as well, or if I go out on a night drink, by the way, I pull myself together is… It’s been working out while I wear, I put the kind of alarm on the other side of the room, a forces me to get up and… I mean, I just kinda tell myself, Okay, you miss one day. What do I miss it? And I know when I’m comfortable in the second day, if I missed the second day, I usually tell myself, You’re gonna do this shit tomorrow, get the fuck out of me. And that’s kind of the way I approach it. So it’s helped for me, but it’s at the end of day, it’s just kind of a mental Badfinger out why, what… Figure out who you are in that moment. When you tell yourself, No, I’m not getting out of bed, I need to sleep. That’s find out what you are.

What caused you to be there? And don’t go back to that. So that’s kind of the way I really look at those things.

Now, that’s a good way to do it, and it’s just… It’s so easy to get derailed and it goes into all aspects of what you’re doing, if you fuck up your morning and you miss it, it screws up to

Eating… It screws up here. Exactly, you touched base on it earlier, but another thing too is if I don’t get my routine going, it really does mess up, not only just my eating, but even what I’m doing here, like business-wise, I don’t feel like I’m 100% when I’m on appointments, I don’t feel as sharp as I am when I’m talking to people. And that’s how I make money was talking to people, and if I’m not 100% because I just didn’t have… Because my mind decided to cave in early in the morning, and then I see the effects of that a few weeks down the road, a week down their own, I’m like, Man, this was a shit week… Well, because I said I need an extra 20 minutes to sleep. So that’s a huge piece. I think I said this a couple of weeks ago, but it’s kind of weird that you can look at each day of your life as either taking a step forward in the direction you want to go to, or taking a step kind of backwards and as fun as like bachelor party weekends are, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world, ’cause those memories to me are worth more than money, they are kind of taking that step back, but I thought about it a lot last weekend too, it’s like…

I went pretty hard in my 20s and stuff, would I give that all up to be six or eight more years ahead in real estate, and I wouldn’t… It all, it all happened for a reason, and I have phenomenal memories with my friends and everyone I spent time with rolling pretty hard during that time period, and I wouldn’t give that… I wouldn’t give those memories up for all the money in the world, so there are the supporter are those people that are just crazy motivated and don’t let anything, they’re up in and I know them and they’re crazy successful people, but that’s their thing. It’s never drinking one too many beers at night, it’s never getting into anything other than getting up as cracked working all day. And that’s who they are, that’s not who I am.

Right? And that’s not who I am.

So I think that balance is fine, but you know at the same time, you have to expect the results that you’re gonna get a… How did you do this week? As far as pulling yourself together.

It’s good, I get up in the morning, right, but… Sometimes it’s tough with the kids. Man, I’m not up at five, if I get up at 5, 45 or six is a difference. I walk downstairs, one of them hears me, they’re up, it’s like a fucking… There Goes the Neighborhood on the whole house is up, so it really has to be… It has to be me sneaking out at five and to be honest, this week, I didn’t get it done any day, I was up at 5, 45, 6 every morning, but it’s like I didn’t get my…

Get my shit going. Yeah, yeah. That’s alright. We slow a phenomenal week, you can’t… Even though it does derail your day, you can’t let it… You can’t be like the day or on, I’m done. Yeah, yeah, so that was one of my biggest things. Probably up until about a little over a year ago, I would work out for maybe three months, four months, get to where I wanna be, and then something happens, like a schedule change happens… Life change happens. Yeah, and then I was like, Oh, I can’t do it. It’s all ruined, and then I won’t work out for months, on months, and then I realized, wait a minute, when I was growing up playing soccer, I… Yeah, I miss practice some days, but if you look at it from the… Over a long period of time, it’s okay to miss a few days, but just stay the course or for a long period of time, it’s all about… It’s all about… Is Tony Rob and say it’s all about what you do consistently, it’s not one or two nights that are gonna do anything different, it’s the same with that. How l. Rod video, it’s like one deal we talked about today, one house isn’t gonna make or break our company, the

Trend over time, and what we’re doing will make or break a


Thanks, everybody that listened on the personal, the personal Facebook to actually get more people watching live on the group. Really kind of surprising, actually. Right. If I saw someone like from high school or something with

No thanks to… Okay, I don’t know if he… Won’t think so. Yeah, no, I’m not real good at

It. They’re just bashful college, everyone that I… And we will see you next week. Am I gonna be here next Friday? No, I will not be…

Maybe we can do a phone call or something that… Or maybe I can just go live and I’ll just go live and then I’m there also… Yeah, cool thing I’m doing next week, thanks to John Brooks, who I’ve been looking for a group to join, whether it’s go abundance or EOS, a couple of organizations out there just to help Yellow Bird and myself push to the next level. I recently joined go abundance.

John Brooks kinda hooked me up with them. I’m going on that trip to Tao this next week, and I’m probably go… I’ll probably try to go live like each night maybe and just give some tidbits on what I learned from the day because it’s a bunch of people that are doing great things and it should be a fun time so I’ll try to go live and do some posts in the Facebook group and stuff next week but thanks everybody for watching and we will talk to you next week Toye