Friday Thoughts with Pat – 12/4/20

Friday Thoughts

It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes courage. Be the person that has that uncomfortable conversation. Be the new agent/investor who is out banging on doors while your […]

11/20/2020 – Friday Thoughts with Pat Flynn

Friday Thoughts

Focused attention is a modern day superpower. At Yellowbird, our Secret Weapon is The Compound Effect; steady, focused progress.  Small wins completed consistently over time yield massive results.   Without […]

11/12/2020 – Friday Thoughts from Pat Flynn

Friday Thoughts

Friday Thoughts on Thursday this week:   Yellowbird’s Best Buddies campaign closes out at the Virtual Gala this Friday, November 13th at 6:30 PM.   The number of close friends, family, […]

11/06/2020 – Friday Thought from Pat Flynn

Friday Thoughts

A clock-builder creates a machine that anybody can use when given the knowledge on how to do so.   A time-teller needs to be present and active for anybody to know what’s going on. […]

Friday Thoughts with V.P. Pat Flynn 10/16

I was reminded this past weekend how short and fragile life is.   You can wake up one morning healthy as a horse, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, kiss your […]

Friday Thought with V.P. Pat Flynn 10/2

Being a successful investor or real estate agent is difficult, which is why I cringe every time I see an ad on Facebook for a $10,000 guru course to teach […]

Friday Thoughts with V.P. Pat Flynn 9/25

Wally Conway introduced me to Strategic Philanthropy, it hasn’t hit home for me until recently…   He asked me to be a Best Buddies Champion for this fundraising season. To […]

Friday Thoughts with V.P. Pat Flynn 9/18

At YellowBird this week, we were having conversations about an Abundance vs. Scarcity mindset:     “There are plenty of deals out there, I just need to find them.” VS. “There isn’t enough business […]

Friday Thoughts with V.P. Pat Flynn 9/11

The YellowBird book club did an early morning workout/ Ice Bath session to start the weekend off strong. Ice baths strengthen your mind, willpower and have some medical benefits as […]