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I was reminded this past weekend how short and fragile life is.


You can wake up one morning healthy as a horse, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, kiss your kids, and never come home that night.


Every day that you wake up with the people you love around you is a win and should be cherished.

Keep perspective on your mortality as you go about your day to day life. It’s easy to forget when you’re in the whirlwind and find yourself getting pissed off over something stupid.


As you navigate life, business, and hardships, never forget what’s most important… keep perspective and live each day with gratitude.


This will allow you to focus your energy on growth and progress rather than insignificant negativity.

– Pat

Friday Thoughts is a weekly newsletter written by YellowBird’s Vice President, Pat Flynn. Pat uses this newsletter to keep in touch with the YB community and provide motivation for those in the real estate industry.  At YellowBird,  our mission is to make it simple to sell your house fast, in the easiest way possible. Not sure what to do with an inherited property, or stuck in probate? The team at YellowBird can help.