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What’s up, everybody? It is a… We got April second here, Easter weekend, Happy Easter everyone. Good Friday, right now, this is the first podcast I’m doing in the new side of the office that is finally renovated and done, I remember four months ago, I did, I remember we did the podcast and who’s under renovation? All ripped apart though. Now it’s completely done, looks beautiful in here to new TVs or big long conference from table, and for those of you who are watching live, it’s our beautiful back view right there, so we’re excited to be in the new office and now the other side’s getting renovated, so that’ll probably be done in six months or so. So start off, I have been slacking big time on this podcast, but I’m about to tell you why, and in the future, upcoming six months, I don’t foresee missing any Fridays anymore, so start off with… I’ve been missing these… I think I did do one podcast after Todd’s bachelor party, but it’s just been a lot of weekends of shit going on where… Not shit. It’s good fun stuff. But stuff where I’m gone all weekend, and this past weekend I was gone Friday again, because I was in Denver.

I went to Chris or not in Denver. I flew to Denver and we went to Crested, but on a ski trip, and it was absolutely fucking phenomenal Friday, get snowed all day, so every run was fresh powder, and then on Sunday we were skiing in short sleeve t-shirts, so phenomenal trip for my anniversary. Jane got married two years ago. March 30th, 2019, obviously couldn’t do much last year ’cause Coronavirus wave was just setting in, so she wanted to go out snowboarding in Colorado and we did it and it was fun, but when you’re away from work and everything going on here, even for a couple of days, you feel like I just personally feel like I lose a couple of steps, so now I’m in a great spot, nothing really planned for the next… For the foreseeable future, really so happy to be here and continue to shove progress forward. A couple of things I wanted to share today. We are just wrapping up, we’re just wrapping up the first quarter, we had a very strong first quarter, and honestly, we’re only getting stronger, we bought a healthy amount of houses in quarter one, and we’re looking for more, so if you’re out there…

If you have something to sell, we’re getting very aggressive right now, so anyone that has a house to sell, any wholesalers, people that want a JV, any guys that have, are also having a ton of success and they don’t have the bandwidth for more construction or more capital happy to JV and help in any way we can. So there’s my little plug right there, if we can help anyone get deals done, obviously reach out to me… Text me Tex, Kyle, or send us a message on Facebook. Another thing I wanted to bring up a C. Ryan Rice is watching. So a good message for Ryan that a book I’ve been reading since I joined that group go abundances, vivid vision. When I first started reading it, it just seemed like another… I don’t wanna say Bullshit goal setting book, because they are good, but I’ve just read so many of them, it’s just kind of the same message over and over again, but I thought something was unique about this… Vivid vision 1, it talks about writing your three-year plan for where you’re gonna be, not how you’re gonna get there, or the plan to get there, just the vision of what it’s gonna be in three years.

They talk about how three years is kind of the sweet spot ’cause it’s not one year, which is almost too quick, it’s not 10 years, which it’s hard to even think a decade ahead of time, it’s that perfect little three-year time period to where you can give it just enough attention. You can think just big enough for it to be exciting and enough time for it to be accomplish able. So I thought that was interesting, the way they described the three-year vision, but I forgot the author’s name, Cameron something, but vivid vision is the book, and he talks about how… I think this company has 100 got junk or something, and he taught… He wrote a whole five page… Five-page pamphlet complete with pictures and everything, he got a professionally copyrighted, and it was exactly what was going on with this company, what he saw three years down the road, down to how marketing was doing, what they were spending, how they impacted the community revenue numbers, and sure enough, obviously, they hit it three years from then, this isn’t new knowledge, but I thought… What I thought was interesting about that is that he types up this nice copyrighted five-page pamphlet and not only gives it to his employees, but he gives it to other people he does business with, were Yellow Bird.

I give this five-year three-year Yellow Bird plan to people like Ryan, who we buy deals from… What’s up, Nicolas? People like Nicholas Alexis, so we also buy deals from Henry angelini, we give them copies of where yellow bird’s gonna be in three years, and not only excites us, parasites them too, they wanna do business with someone that… A company that’s gonna be here in three years, and they wanna be a part of it, and we wanna have them be a part of it. So I thought that was interesting too. On another level, it also aligns all the people working here at yellow Bert, everyone knows exactly where we’re going in three years in excruciating detail, so I haven’t jumped on it yet, like I said, goal setting, especially three years in advance is the easiest thing to put off, but I just thought that was interesting. Ryan Rice, you son of a bitch. If you’re still watching, I think you… I think you should write one for yourself… See where old yellow card properties is gonna be three years from now. And it’s just a good practice. Everyone here at yellow Bert, we have our alignment sheets, so everyone that works here has their vision for where they’re gonna be personally, 10 to 25 years down the road, one year down the road, and then do 90-day goals to get there on the personal development front, so wanted to share that vivid vision piece.

I talked about the first quarter, what I talked about with Gabe, I think it was maybe then the last time I did this podcast was I mentioned that with all these weekends traveling around doing weddings, doing bachelor parties, doing vacations, I had trouble getting my flow back of my, I wake up pretty early every morning, I wake up at five and get my workout in, that’s not… ’cause I enjoy waking up early. It’s because I have two kids, two young girls, they’re awesome, but that’s my only time to myself is that early morning, so I talked about how I was getting out of my flow, I’d start waking up, I’d be up at 6-15 one morning, 620 the other next morning and it just wasn’t consistent, and I’d have to get a shitty quick work out in. So I was complaining about getting my flow back after a weekend of drinking some beers or traveling or doing whatever, and I feel like I’ve found it and wanted to share it with you guys, I got this insight from the Go-bundang screw is like… Sometimes you just don’t feel like waking up at five in the morning anymore, and I have trouble with that sometimes in the response I got from them was, Well, that’s because your way is not strong enough.

I thought that was interesting and we… Whatever your why is, whether it’s money or whether it used to be money and it’s not anymore, it used to be financial freedom, and it’s not anymore, and it’s something different, they can shift over time, and I found that mine had just kind of shifted and I need to re-establish my why, I’m getting up early in the morning. And for me, it was a mental toughness game, I decided that I’m not gonna be the guy that gets up at five and then presses his snows button, because the second I press my snooze button, it makes me weak. It makes me weak during the day, during the day, I have a task to do that I really don’t feel like doing, I’m gonna push it off. So that first win of getting up out of bed at five is a mental toughness win in the morning, and it makes you stronger throughout the entire day. It makes it stronger. The next day when you get up at five. So that’s the hack I’ve been using is it’s not about money or any of that, which is kind of what it used to be.

It’s about mental toughness. And who are you as a person? You gotta press a snooze and has to lay back and you’re nice warm bed, or you gotta get the fuck up, so that’s when it came down to… For me, and it really helped, and I’ve been on a roll lately. And it’s been really good, and I feel better, and I feel clear and I feel strong. So it’s been really good. One more thing I’ll add to that, I had some other stuff I wanna talk about, but I’m going a little longer than I thought. So one more thing I wanted to add to that, about the early morning thing, is another kind of revelation I’ve had over the past couple of weeks is in abundance and in Yellow Bird, we have… We separate life into a couple of different categories, whether it’s whatever it is, family, business, financial, spiritual, religious, however you wanna separate it, and go abundance, they call them gardens at Yellow Bird, we just call them… It’s kind of a little circle we draw and little… We call it The Balance circle, and it’s just different pieces of your life, I believe, and I have found that over the past month or so, you are either taking a step forward or you’re taking a step back, and each of those gardens every single day of your life.

So that being said, so here’s an example, I wake up in the morning and I’m not up all time, I’m not up on time, I miss my work out, but I go to work and buy four fucking houses that day for awesome. Flip deals and run a great meeting, and then I go home and me and Jane fight about something, and then I go to bed

That day right there. So I miss my early morning, so I didn’t get my workout, so I took a step back as far as physical fitness goes, and I surely I eat shit for lunch that day, so that’s your big step back as far as physical fitness with family, because I didn’t get up in the morning, I was probably in a shitty mood and maybe I snapped at Jane or something, and I was being a prick, so I took a step back and family… But at work, I made… I bought four houses, so business took a step forward and by financials took a step forward that day.

So two step forwards. Two steps forward to step back… Net is zero it. What if you took a step forward on every aspect of your life every single day, and all that takes to do that is fucking discipline, all it is, if I get my ass up every morning at five, get my workout and I’m taking a step forward physically every day, my head is right. I wake my daughter up early in the morning because I’m up early in the morning, she goes to bed early, she’s feeling better, everyone’s in a better mood, I’m better and more clear in the office, I continue to… If I’m up early in the morning, I am so clear for the day, we have great meetings, make progress, whether you buy a house or not, we’re heading in the right direction. Meditation is something I’ve been doing early in the morning, so that’s also stems from me waking up at five, so I’m making spiritual and emotional mental progress every day. Any day I don’t meditate, I think I take a step back because it is so chaotic here right now with all the houses flying around, it’s hard to keep your head space, so it all stems from that five in the morning thing, and being conscious about taking a step forward in every aspect of your life that is important to you, and if you continue to step forward and stack win over, win over when well, that’s how you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

That’s how you can look at people, super successful people, 10, 20 years older than you, they’ve been doing that, they’ve been doing those wins every single fucking day for the past 20 years, so

None of those are overnight successes. It takes time, it takes building it brick by brick, and for me, it starts with that mental toughness early in the morning, you get the fuck out of it, so… Cool, thank you everybody for listening. I haven’t done a podcast in a while, so I stacked up a bunch of shit I wanted to talk about, but I like to keep these short. So we’ll do it again next Friday. Thanks for listening. Everyone have a great Easter.