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What’s up everybody? It is Friday, October 8th, it’s Pints of Pat. I am soaking wet right now because it’s pouring, raining outside, we got the radar up on the screen. Went to lunch today down in Neptune Beach, that Tokyo Ramen place there, which has been my favorite place to eat recently. Me and Jane got takeout there the other weekend, it was phenomenal. Ate lunch today. It was awesome. They have ramen noodles and sushi. Really fresh. But anyway, I haven’t done one in a while. My Rock this quarter is to do one of these every single week for the end of the year and get that habit back going. I like these because it acts as like a digital audio version of a journal where I can just kinda talk about what’s going on in the week and what’s… Everything that’s going on with YellowBird, and it’s just gonna be fun to look back on. Anyway, it’s been a great year. It’s been an awesome week. I think I’ve mentioned on here before, we run a system called Traction. That’s just our operating system. It’s a system of to-dos and meeting structure and Rocks and all the quarterly Rocks in order to get things done. We implemented about 18 months ago, and where we are now with it, I feel like we’re just now really hitting our stride with Rocks.

Rocks seem easy. It’s just a Rock, is a quarterly goal. The most important thing that’s on your plate that quarter. So we have… Everyone does at least two business and at least too personal, so the challenge with that is, it seems easy, right? It’s like, “All you gotta do to move forward and make progress in your business is just set quarterly goals and do them.” But the issue has been in actually, how much effort it takes to plan and set Rocks that are effective? ‘Cause you can either set them that are… They’re way too much, you have way too much on your plate and it’s never gonna get done, and you get caught up in the whirlwind of the day-to-day and you just end up not doing them. Or other issues we’ve seen are, you made Rocks and those Rocks aren’t necessarily the most important things that you’re working on that quarter, so they get thrown by the wayside and you get caught up in the whirlwind and just start doing other things. Or you set your Rocks way too easy, and then you accomplish them in the first two weeks.

So really, the skill in Rocks is being able to plan and prep for them effectively and set good Rocks that really are good quarterly goals, pointing you down the direction you want to go. And the direction you wanna go, from my experience and talking with a lot of other business owners is not a lot of people lay out what the next year, three years, five years look like. The power that goes into laying out where you’re going and what three years, what five years looks like is incredible. Not only in your business, but in your personal life too. We do alignment shoots here like at YellowBird and I challenge everyone to look out 25 years into their future. And obviously, the most goal-oriented person in the world isn’t gonna know exactly what is gonna be happening in their life 25 years from now, but the important part is that you sit and think about it. Just the taking some time to sit and think about what your life is gonna look like 25 years from now can give you a lot of clarity on your priorities right now.

So we do that same thing for everyone personally here at YellowBird, and we do it as a company. Looking out and where we’re going, and Rocks are just a different part of that. It’s a different iteration. We look 25 years out, five years out, three, one year, and then we break that one year down into quarterly Rocks. So that’s how we move forward. I’m feeling great about everybody’s in the fourth quarter, and I’ll keep you updated kind of on how that goes as we move forward. Last piece I wanna say here is there’s a lot of investors on this page. I had a talk with the… During our sales training this morning that I haven’t been in the business for… I’ve been dabbling for a long time in rentals and other things since I got out of college, but full-time late 2016, early 2017. So I have been in it five years or so, a little over five years, but since I’ve had my ear to the ground on the real estate market, when I graduated college in ’09, I just have not seen a better opportunity to make money. If you’re a flipper, if you’re a wholesaler, if you’re owning and buying rentals, the mad dash that’s happening in the real estate market is unbelievable.

There’s a fundamental shortage of housing, so you have a supply and demand issue. You can’t even find a rental nowadays. You can’t find a rental, you can’t find a house to buy. It’s incredible what’s happening. So I would urge everyone in this group to double down and take advantage of this unique opportunity. And if you’re new to the industry, link up with someone like us, link up with someone else that’s in this space, that’s done a few of them, and learn that way and JV on a couple of deals, and expose yourself to what’s going on right now, because I can tell you there’s a lot of people in the single family space that are having really, really strong years. Not only single family. Land, people in build-to-rent, people doing multi-family, everything is doing phenomenal right now, and it’s hard to look out into the future and see when it all ends, but right now with the supply and demand issue in housing and interest rates staying low, I have a lot of faith in the future.

And we’re planning at YellowBird for more expansion and more hiring, and mitigating our risk by buying correctly and keeping our fingers directly on the pulse for what is happening. So that’s where my head’s at now. Also today, we got our monthly meetings, so looking forward to that. Those are always really good for align… Get everybody aligned, and make sure we’re going in the right direction. So thank you everybody for listening. I hope everyone’s having a great Fall. This is my favorite time of year, especially from Massachusetts and October in Massachusetts is beautiful. It’s the best time to be up there, but I love the Fall in Florida too. It starts to cool down, football’s on, Halloween, and then the holidays. So it’s one of my favorite times in the year. The Fall is also when we typically have our strongest month as far as home buying, so thank you everybody for listening, and we will talk to you next Friday.