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The YellowBird book club did an early morning workout/ Ice Bath session to start the weekend off strong.

Ice baths strengthen your mind, willpower and have some medical benefits as well, especially after a workout.

As discussed this morning, they are also a great hangover cure.

If you aren’t already, @iceman_hof  is a good Instagram follow.

If anybody has any interest in doing an early morning workout/goal setting/ice bath session that benefits our Best Buddies fundraising campaign this month, reply to this email and let’s set it up.

In Real Estate, enthusiasm is commonendurance is rare.

Danny Kattan @ Sell to Rent, a friend and former Connect speaker, sent me this video his daughter recently made.

If more young people had this kind of mindset and made content like this, the world would be a much better place.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!




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