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Want to sell your Jacksonville home quick and easy?

Zillow Offers would love to send you a direct cash offer.  All you need to do is fill their application, get the market value, schedule an evaluation, and review the final offer.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But did you know that their commission is way higher than what real estate agents charge?

It’s somewhere around 6% of the total selling costs.

In addition to their hefty commission fees, you’ll have to worry about the 2.5% Zillow service charge.

There is an additional amount of 1-2% in closing costs!


Although Zillow Offers has an outstanding business model and is the 2nd largest iBuyer, it is obvious it has its own set of cons.  So despite all these fees, let’s take a look at Zillow Offers’ business model, but also learn whether you should sell your home to the iBuyer or not.


Zillow Offers: What You Need to Know

Zillow Offers’ Business Model


Their business model is straightforward:


  • Zillow will buy your property, get it “move-in ready,” and then quickly resell it within a short span of time for a small profit
  • When it comes to buying houses, Zillow only buys relatively new houses, in good condition, and within a certain price range.
  • They make money in the following three ways:
    1. Short-Term Market Appreciation
    2. Built-in Service Fee, which is super-duper high
    3. Passing the Seller Leads to the Premier Agents in their Network. These agents pay the real estate giant a referral fee.



While it’s a great business model that helps sellers sell their home quick and easy, you’ll have to deal with the hefty commission fees plus the built-in service fees.  As a result, they are able to send a higher offer to the home sellers.  But, in the end, after deducting everything, the net amount sellers get in their hands is lower.  At YellowBird Home Buyers, we don’t believe in charging such kinds of fees because we understand that you should be paid a fair value for your home although you want to sell your home quickly.  The price we give you is the price you get, no additional junk fees! We are NOT wholesalers.


Alongside this, we’ll even take care of the closing costs.  As we discussed above, Zillow buys specific kinds of houses, like the ones which are in good condition or relatively new.  In case your Jacksonville home is too old or too run down, they might reject your application.  However, at YellowBird, we buy all kinds of houses right from the new ones to the super-old ones, run down, and dilapidated.


Here’s How Zillow Offers Work


Listed below is how Zillow Offers Works:

  • Initial Offer: Once you fill the application and add in the mandatory details, Zillow will send you an initial offer, if you are eligible, within two days.
  • On-Site Inspection: Folks at Zillow will head over to your home and verify its condition
  • Revised Offer: After the On-Site Inspection Process, Zillow will be sending you a revised offer
  • Closing: All you need to do is accept it and schedule a closing date.


Why Should You Sell Your Home to Us?

We are one of the leading homebuyers in Jacksonville, St Augustine, Nassau County and Clay County and would love to buy your house.

There are various downsides to selling your home to Zillow. With us, you won’t have to worry about the condition of your home, cleaning your house and paying the commission fees and service charge.

We’ll be paying you the entire amount in lump-sum.

That’s a promise.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us TODAY to sell your house fast!