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What’s up, everybody? It is Friday, January 22nd, getting deeper and deeper into the New Year now, mats over here drinking a beer at some point, we are gonna start drinking beers again on an ape or just… At this point, we’re taking baby steps, and we’re just getting the podcast back going and making sure we do it consistently each week. So we’re gonna start there. What’s going on with us? Another pretty solid week. Acquisitions has been great. We’re buying a lot from wholesalers, our marketing is really picking up, I feel like we’re finally getting back on the horse from when we shut down marketing back in… During when Coronavirus first hit, so March, April, May, June, we spent zero dollars on marketing and we weren’t buying anything, so

Right now, we got the spend back rolling again and starting a snowball, we’re starting to see leads coming in from October or in the fall of last year money we spent then we got lots of postcards, lots of cold calling going out, so things are really good. Acquisitions are rolling in, the flips are moving smoothly. Go Construction is our construction leg, they were a little backed up earlier, now they’re starting to get projects done quicker and everything seems to be going in the right direction, give a shout out to Sean Martin and Marco less two sales to sales type people that we’re bringing on very exciting times. So we lost a couple of people at the end of last year. Now we’re bringing on to producer type roles, and their job is gonna be acquisitions, they’re gonna be hammer on the phones, they’re gonna be hammer and doors. I kinda came to the realization that we were closing one and every 12 or so leads right now, so with that, we need to be producing 40 to 500 or so leads a month in order to get to 30 direct to seller deals. So I don’t think that in Jacksonville, just spending money on postcards and Google ads and Facebook as everything we’re doing, all the basic stuff that we can get to that 500 price point, I think you need more boots on the ground gorilla type style deal finding.

So that’s what our plan for the people we’re bringing on in that sort of space, they’re not gonna be just… I didn’t hire people to just come in here and smile and dial all day, these are gonna be kind of skilled type people that are actually going out banging on doors and meeting with new wholesalers and just wrestling up deals with those two hires and a bunch of other changes we’ve been making in the office, Matt has been helping me a shit load with data management and everything going on with HubSpot, Monica stepped up there, things are just the pace, which I don’t know if I talked about this last week, but sometimes you start a new year or the end of last year? I just felt like things were kind of bummed up and slow, and everything we did, every initiative we started, things just weren’t moving quickly, and the pace at the beginning of this year has been phenomenal, and I think sometimes all it takes is a little personnel change to increase the pace of what’s going on, it’s a culture thing, and January has been a very exciting month for me and just an exciting month to be party, Elbert, so I feel really good about our direction right now.

Like I said, Matt’s helping with the data, we have these new softwares we’re using for data management and new softwares for getting more efficient calling in HubSpot, so feel great about the direction we’re going right now. So my mindset piece for this Friday is gonna be based on everyone’s familiar with how Elrod… He wrote The Miracle Morning, and he also wrote a book called… What is it? The miracle miracle equation. So just a couple quick points I’ll hit on, he’s a very interesting guy to listen to, if you haven’t read his books, he’s been on a couple of podcasts, so check him out on any of the podcasts he’s been on, he’s so… Easy to understand the way he speaks, and presents his message, and very practical in the way he thinks about things, so he’s a sales guy I used to work for cocoa, was a top sales guy, and he really breaks down the sales industry in general, and in doing so breaks down the human mind in general and how it works and how it functions and happy and bigger thoughts on happiness and everything.

So I’ll give you a couple of tidbits or my biggest takeaways from listening to a lot of what he’s been saying lately. He did a whole talk that I listened to on adversity and acceptance, so acceptance means accepting things as they are, and I talked about this the other week with talking about Alcoholics Anonymous, doing the prayer that they do, I forgot forgot is called, but more along the lines, of acceptance is how it relates to our business or being a real estate agent is things are gonna happen, especially if you’re a wholesaler, you’re gonna lose deals, wholesaling is really, really competitive. Right now, you’re gonna go out and you’re gonna be one of five people to this person talks to, and someone you know that you talk to and probably do business with on a regular basis is gonna snag deals from you every now and again, and believe me, I’ve been there. And it pisses you off, right? It’s like, man, could I have offered a little more, but I have said something differently, what could I have done to get that deal? What did I fuck up? But at that point, there’s nothing you can do, you can…

If someone gets the contract, it’s done, it’s over with. There’s nothing you can do at that point. So what they do at Coco knives is, it’s called the Five-Minute Rule. So you can set a time around your watch that you get five minutes to feel bad for yourself, bitch about it and complain about it, and then at the end of five minutes, you have to repeat the words to yourself… Can’t change it. So at that point, you can’t change it and it’s in the past, and if you want, you can continue to feel bad for yourself and complain about it the rest of the week, or at the end of that five minutes. You just move on to the next thing, because if you lose a deal on Monday and you’re still complaining about it on Thursday, you may have an opportunity that came up Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, where you were in a bad has space and you couldn’t get it done.

Plus, just for general sort of happiness, why are you gonna beat yourself… It’s just one deal. Why are you gonna beat yourself up for the rest of the week just because you didn’t get one deal, so that five minutes… And it’s something you can’t change… Right, at this point, it’s already done. So he talks about that five-minute rule, and he talks about how you can apply it to other things in life. He mentioned he talked about how him and his wife were going out to dinner and his wife ran the car into a pole, and she was like, Oh my God, and you know… Are you mad at me? And he’s like, Well, you can’t change anything. Now, my options are very logical response, right, my options are either be annoyed at you and we have a dinner where we both sit across from each other annoyed and it’s gonna ruin the dinner, or I can just accept the fact that it’s done now and we can… Have a nice dinner and we can just move on. It’ll fix it. Something that at this point, there’s nothing I can do.

So I just thought that was interesting. I thought it’s a really good concept for people that are in sales, being able to put shitty things that happened to you behind you and move on with a good… Clean mindset is absolutely essential. Whether you’re in sales or running a business, issues and things are gonna happen all the time, people are gonna wrong, you… People are gonna hurt your feelings, and the little things that you do, which happen to us recently is, it’s tough to hear some of the chirping that goes on in the background, but if you’re doing anything, if you’re doing anything significant, you’re gonna have haters, but take your five minutes to bitch and, Oh.

Why do they think of me like that, and then move on and continue on your path forward. Cool, so that’s on adversity and acceptance. One other thing I wanted to bring up was I brought up the meditation piece last week, and just another kind of thought on meditation and being present… Like I said, I am not an expert on this at all. I am brand new to it, but I heard… I don’t even know his name, but he was talking about deep dacca.

Real spiritual guy, I was reading his book about meditation, and he talks about the fact that every single thing you see, including us, all of us came from just space dust, right. At some point, billions and billions of years ago, there was… I think the big bank there got disproved, but something happened and throughout years of evolution and the planets forming around the Sun, we all came from just the universe and space, dust and nothing. So he talks about meditation, and he talks about the gap of right now how we’re sitting in reality, and there is also that infinite wisdom piece, that spiritual piece that’s always going on all around us, and he talks about when you meditate, you can get to that place where in between that infinite wisdom, spatial spiritual place that’s all around us all the time, and you can also be present in the reality of the real world, and you can get your mind in that gap between the two, and he talks about how… All the questions of business life, happiness can be meditated about and found in that gap, if you can just quiet your mind enough to stop with the thinking of all the thoughts coming in, like I talk about last week, your thoughts are just bubbles going around in your head and at some point, you can take a step back from all your thoughts, notice them being there, recognize that they’re there, but have that higher mental state…

So if you go into a meditation thinking about a business question in our family question or a happiness question, and you can get your mind into that gap between the infinite wisdom, spiritual world in reality. That’s where you can get all your answers.

So I’m getting very, very woo right now, but I just thought that was a really, really interesting thing. Meditation in just the past 10 days, I’ve been doing it, and I guess it’s been two weeks now, it’s really clear in my head, if I take that 10 minutes to use calm in the morning, I physically notice being sharper and clearer in my mind throughout the day, I get hung up on less shit and it’s just been phenomenal. So.

Like I said, the only point of this, this podcast is it forces me to continue moving forward because I have to have something to say each week and a little bit of tidbit to take home. One more thing, helping up was another thing I was reading really hit home with the marketing thing that we were doing, the market… It was Ryan Holiday, I think that says… Solti mentioned The Obstacle Is the Way, is the book we’re reading right now. And Ryan Holiday was talking about how to be a good writer, and he said the number one thing about being a good writer is just having something significant to say, so I really hit on with me because as we were doing all of our marketing stuff in 2019, it’s like, You know what, not that it was a complete failure, but parts of it just got stale and we stop doing it and stop being consistent with it, it’s like you know why that happened is because we just decided to market and I was doing this podcast and doing all these videos and I didn’t actually have anything to fucking say of significance, so that’s why I got bored with it.

That’s probably why I didn’t pick up and no one ended up really watching is because my heart wasn’t in… It wasn’t in it. I didn’t care to go out and learn new things each week to bring to the podcast, I just didn’t think to do it, and therefore I had nothing to say and it was just stupid babbling. So I just thought that was interesting. So that’s all I got for the week. Appreciate everyone that listens to it, if you have any questions or obviously any deals or anything like that, that we can help you out with, give us a call, she was the text, and we will talk to you soon and see you next Friday.