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What’s up, everybody? It is Friday, January 29th, Pines with Pat. I’m still drinking water this Friday, but we are about to go crush some beers at the green room… Everyone at Yelp is going down there. We had our monthly staff meeting, which we have one Friday a month, just talking about… Just talking about the past month in numbers, and to be honest, through the holidays and end of last year, I was looking a little grim, we were slightly tracking up, but we weren’t tracking up at the pace we want, we weren’t buying that amount of house we wanted… But we had a hell of a boom in January… January has been a great month. I think it’s probably a combination. That compound effect of all the marketing we did in October, November, December last year is finally hitting hard in January, we’re continuing not to back down with the marketing too, so this past month, we bought… January, so far, we bought 15 deals direct to seller through the marketing, and 35 deals total as a company, between me and Kyle, different wholesalers, other things, foreclosure auction, all of our different sources. So January has been really strong, and we’re tracking or tracking a little bit ahead of where we wanted to be this year, so the coolest part about that is we’re doing a lot of those holes…

I said 15 direct to seller. The other portion of the deals are guys that are either just getting into the business or figuring out the Jacksonville market, or they have all their money tied up elsewhere, these guys are finding opportunities and these are opportunities that they wouldn’t be able to take down without… Some sort of help, and we’re able to help them get the deal done, so it’s really cool about it, there’s probably like five or six JV deals we’re doing this month with guys where we’re gonna buy the house, we’re gonna fund the whole thing, we’re gonna take care of the renovation, and then still cut them in on a third of the deals, so I saw Henry just came on… We do deals with Henry all the time. Henry’s a seasoned investor, he’s done a ton of deals, and people look at getting into this game as… Look at us as competition. Or look at OB or Henry is competition. And it’s really not the case. We work together on deals all the time, create win wins, every situation is different, sometimes I’m a better fit to do a deal with Henry then he used to do it on his own, so keep us in mind on anything with the JV-ing our strengths or speed of construction and being able to close on stuff, hedge fund connections.

So another cool story is, we’re working a deal… We’re working a deal with this guy, Mike kWh, we met… He went to our virtual connect the first time, and we met him and he’s getting into wholesaling in the Jackson market, and he’s like, Yeah, man, I got these couple of leads that I kind of threw them out ’cause they weren’t really deals… Well, it was a house that 198s in newer hedge fund stuff, and he… I told him, try to get this one under contract where you had it, it wasn’t a deal where he had it, but I think we may be able to make some money off it. And you went out, got it under contract, and we’re trying to sell it to a fund right now, but I think there’s enough spread that we’re just gonna close on it, so a deal that he would have just thrown out, we were able to make into something and now he’s gonna make great money off it and continue moving on, so adding value on those fronts, just If you don’t think of it’s a deal or you have a question about value ’cause Jackson Bill’s fucking weird.

There’s parts of Jacksonville that like God, I even not even mean like Kyle has been in the business 15 years, even he stumped on value sometimes, sometimes we have to put our heads together and figure out what something’s worth, so it’s… Keep in mind, if you’re new, you can figure it out, but it’s not easy, you can be in the business 20 years and still not be exactly sure what something’s worth. Another cool story about that. I tell sometimes is when I was first getting into it full-time, it was probably early 2017, I had a lead on this trailer in 3, 2, 2, 4, 6, it was a piece of dog shit, and there actually was dog shit everywhere in there, and it was just nasty, and the lot kind of sucked, and the guy was like, Man, I do… I take it off my hands and take it for five grand, and I was like, Yeah, I don’t really like it at five grand, I don’t know what the fuck I’m gonna do with this thing. And Kyle had asked me what leads came in that day, and I showed him that, and he’s like, Yeah, you should probably go get that under contract, so I did went and put it under contract for five grand…

We put on the MLS and sold it for like 45 in a week. So it just goes to show you don’t throw leads out, having a little more knowledge, having that knowledge piece of it, having that capital really help you out, and it can make money off something that you didn’t think was gonna make any money. So that’s my piece on yellow bur this week.

We just got done a monthly meeting, like I said, and we talked a little bit about goals during it, I talked about Elrod last Friday, and if you haven’t read his books or heard him talk… I just really like him ’cause he’s so down to earth and the way he thinks about stuff just really connects with me for whatever reason, and he talks about goals, and he talks about how the purpose of a goal is not to actually achieve it, it’s to become the person you need to be in order to achieve that goal. So here’s an example, if our goal is to get to 30 direct to-seller deals every month in Northeast Florida, just because we accomplish it and

We do it one month, that money’s gonna… Okay, we make great money, that money is gonna be spent, life is gonna keep on keeping on, but in order to get to 30 direct to seller do every single month, you have to change your mindset, you have to change the way you market, change the way you think about a Deal, change the way you look at deals, change the way you think about your business, change the way that your business is structured, the way you intake leads, everything about you personally, and your business needs to change in order to take on that higher volume so

What’s way more valuable than the cash or profit you’ll make doing 30 deals a month, is the company you build and the person you are building that company that is able to sustain a consistent 30 deals a month, it’s creating that… Creating the golden goose rather than just rather than just taking the golden egg.

So I try to think about that with everything we do, everything we do here is not is before anyone does a task, it’s like, Okay, what am I doing in my running buckets of water back and forth, or am I building a pipeline? And if you have that mentality and you are open to change and you’re open to taking on opposite because it’s not… It’s difficult, there’s gonna be a ton of issues on the path to 30 direct to sell a deals a month, but if you have the right mindset that you’re gonna smash through obstacles and not cry like a little bitch when they get in front of you and back down and be like, Maybe we’re the type of company that just sticks with 15 a month. I think that’s plenty. If you have that unwavering faith that you’re gonna accomplish it, whatever it may be, you’ll get there and you’ll be a better person because of it, and that will be the true value in the goal, the mental shifts that you make in getting there… What’s up coats that? So, perfect timing, just finishing up, we had another green room to drink some beers, celebrating a great January, thanks to everyone that’s watching and see if we got anything here.

Yep, thank you, Logan Padmini, n the P-pod PPO is fucking rolling right now, one of the PE guys, we just sold the house in Fernandina, so deals are starting to flow through from that, which is awesome, it’s magical what happens when you actually put the fucking work in. Alright guys, thanks for watching. And if you wanna go to green room to drink a beer with us, we will be there. Everyone have a great weekend. Talk to you soon.