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What’s up, everybody? It is points with Pat, and I should have actually drank a beer today… I don’t know if we have any. Today is Friday, February 5th. Matt reminded me what day it was right before we got started here, but I don’t need reminders of this day, because it is my daughter’s first birthday, Molly turns one today, it’s crazy that… It’s about a year. I was talking with Billy this morning, and we both agreed that with the second kid, time just goes by so much faster, so for your first kid to get a year old, and compared to your second kid becoming a year old, it just seems like it’s flying and this month, nor will be for… And it’s just absolutely nuts. So today is also Kyle’s birthday, so Clymer birthday. And I think this day last year, Wally cone was our speaker at Connect, and he gave a nice talk about the one thing… Of course, I wasn’t there, I was a Baptist beaches, and Jane was having Molly. So it’s just crazy that it’s been a year since then, I guess 2020 did kind of fly by, but just looking back, it’s cool.

So speaking about the week, Yellow Bird things continue to move at a really, really fast pace, I

Said, I think about talk last week, we made a hire, but everyone here is just… We’re screaming, buying a lot of houses moving forward very quickly, personally, it was a little bit of an off week for me, I felt… I’m in this kind of accountability group thing I’ve been doing with Go bundang, and my big thing now is, if anyone’s watching this and on this page, I’ve seen me post about it recently, is I’m big into waking up early, not because I enjoy it, but because of I have kids, and that’s kind of the only time I get… Work out and have some time to myself. Missed it a couple of days this week, I think Monday, Tuesday, I missed it. Both days, I think I got up, I shoot for five every morning, I think I was up probably 6, 6-15 or 6-20, and because I woke up at that time, I wasn’t able to get a workout in and threw off… It just threw off my whole week, and it’s so crazy how just a couple little things like that can throw off your entire day, you can, of course, salvaged, but you’re not gonna feel that high-level feeling…

I didn’t feel that high-level feeling that I felt when I’m up to five and doing my routine every morning, and it made me think about… Just every day, every single day in your life, you’re either taking a step in the right… It’s like people that get fat over time or people that get in shape over time, every single day you’re taking either a step in the right direction or a step in the wrong direction, and that holds true for your fitness or fats or being really bad with your money and spending money on stupid shit, you’re either making a step in the right direction, working your ass off, getting in better shape, eating right, or you’re in like shit or spending money on stupid stuff or not really working hard or scroll on Facebook all day, or any combination of the two, right? Some

People really good at fitness, not so good with money, so the way I think of it is I try to be a step in the right direction and all the important aspects of life every single day, and definitely on the fitness side of things this week and the waking early and the mindset stuff, I took some bad directions earlier this week, and I feel it… I can feel it. Mentally, I can feel it physically. So we’re not all perfect. We’re all human. So you’re gonna fuck up. I think the main thing is keeping the right mindset and being able to get back on the horse when you do fuck up. Cool.

So that’s what I wanted to talk about and to talk about getting derailed, talking about every day going in the right direction or in the wrong direction, and I wanted to read… This is gonna be a short one this week because like I said, having this podcast every Friday forces me to continue to grow each week, so I have a little tidbit of knowledge to throw it everyone this week, what I wanted to start with this week that I actually forgot was, I think Tucker Max said it, which I thought was interesting. If anyone doesn’t know who Tucker Max is. He wrote those books. I hope they say, Are you familiar with Tucker, Max?

Matt, you read those books, I’ve ever heard of them. You’ve never heard of him. So he’s a writer. He was big when I was in college. I think it was probably 2005-60. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell came out, and it’s just a bunch of stories about him drinking beer, going crazy, hooking up with girls.

They’re entertaining to read because he’s a good writer, but I think… I was watching a class he was given and everyone’s main question was, What’s the difference between a good writer in a bad writer… What’s the primary difference? And you said the primary difference is good writers actually have something to fucking say and bad writers don’t, so

There’s some people… Why some book suck is the people put a whole book together without any real substance or ideas behind it, and I think that rains true with what I was doing, or what some of us were doing in 2018 or 2019, when we had that big marketing push, we were trying to do a lot of video, a lot of good content, and there is a lot of good content in this office, but the stuff we were capturing, we didn’t really have anything significant to say, and I think that was part of the reason it didn’t really catch on. So

That’s what part of the reason I switched to this Pinewood cast model of on Fridays, keeping it short, keeping it under 10 minutes long, and just trying to give it a little bit of perspective, a little bit of knowledge that I learned that week. And it forces me to constantly learn, so I’m gonna leave you with this quote this week that I said to all the Yellow Bird people this morning, it’s from a book called Comal raion. I don’t have the title in front of me, but it’s called rebirth or something like that, I’ve read it a couple of times through a couple of transition periods in my life, and I really, really enjoyed it, and I am not a guy that sits and reads fiction, but come on, reigns, an interesting dude, if you haven’t heard him, he’s done a bunch of podcasts and stuff, but if anyone is in the process of wanting to quit a W2 job or make a big transition in their life, this book… This book is phenomenal. So I think this quote was just kind of in the beginning of it, but it really stuck with me, the quote was called The Secret to flight, don’t flap your wings too hard, it only exhaust you close your eyes, lean into the current.

Say yes, let the wind raise you higher and higher, so easy. That’s what eagles do. Oh, that’s the secret to life as well. So true. Did that ring to me when I first read it, just about coming from an oil field background, going out there and work in your fricking ass off 16-hour days and come at home and kind of partying and doing a little real estate when I was home, it was a fucking grind. And I felt like I was slowly dying doing it, and now in a spot where I’m working harder, I’m working more hours, longer hours, more intense mentally, and I feel like it says in that quote, I feel like I’m catching the breeze under my wings and everything’s getting faster, and I can handle the speed at which everything is coming at me, and I feel focused and I feel in the zone, and I feel like everything’s right, the team is right, the situation with the markets, right. And it’s almost like a glide, rather than when I was on the ring, it was a fucking grind, grind your face against that concrete over and over again, and even early on when I was wholesale in houses and doing deals with Kyle back in 2017.

Fucking grind is just out every day. Out every weekend. A painful, painful grind. And just where we’re at now in the business with the way that we’re flipping, in the way we’re acquiring houses, and the fact that where other people are coming on and other people are making great money acquiring houses for us, it’s just… It feels right. So I wanted to leave everyone with that quote, if it doesn’t, right in your gut, what you’re doing, it’s probably wrong, and you should probably make some sort of shift, of course, this job is always a grind, it’s still a grind for me, but it’s a grind that feels right. So leave everybody with that, everyone have an awesome weekend, happy birthday Kyle, half a birthday, Molly, and thanks for everybody for watching.