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What is up everybody? It is the pints with Pat podcast. We are the day before Halloween.  I just love this time of year I just said in my Friday email today. Halloween and just a fall brings back great memories of rugby and soccer and leaves turn in color being from Massachusetts, the weather was perfect this time of year is just great and finally getting started you get a little cooler in Florida too. 


So this morning, on my run, I think it was like 55 degrees outside. The first time it’s been that chili in a while and it felt great. So the reason I’m going live on Facebook in the group today, and not I usually go live on my personal is, talking specifically about some business stuff today. 


I’ve been thinking about a lot of some stuff we’re implementing at YellowBird, hopefully brings some value to people. So, Let’s get started. First off this past week – a little slow on the lead side of it, but we have some new things coming out some more postcards. We took Google ads and SEO in-house so we’re gonna be leaning into that too. 


But we seem to be hovering between 20 and 30 net leads a month and we know one of Caroline, our marketing coordinator, her rock for the last quarter is to pump. That number up to 150 net leads a month. So we should be there about December. She’s tracking pretty good on the rocks. 


So the first main thing I want to talk about today is goal setting and it kind of has to you know, it has to do with rocks which I just mentioned but. I’m big on everyone setting personal goals and setting business goals in a plan within the business for a year for you know for 2021 and my opinion on that is the more granular you get with your plan in your goals, the better your chances are of getting it done. 


I talk about that company DLP real estate capital a lot but it was a prospective shift for me when I saw the extent of their planning for a year, they plan in quarter four of, The previous year what they’re going to do the next year. So granular down to exact the exact hires they need to make the exact numbers they need to hit exactly where they’re going sales projections budgets down to the dollar and that was all foreign to me who you know, the way we operate is just you know, Kind of by the seat of our pants for a while is just throwing marketing money out there and just hustling for deals. 


But breaking your goals down to a granular level and what we’re doing with YellowBird now is we know exactly how many houses per month we need next year, we know exactly how much money it’s going to cost us to get those houses we know exactly who we need to hire and when we need to hire them by and those are plans we’re couldn’t putting together and we’re going to stick to. 


So, Taking that to anyone who’s watching you know the live and on a personal level you can do that personally too if your goal is to lift a certain amount of weight you can break that down by weak what do you need to be doing every single day how many calories you need to be eating how many calories do you need to be eating to get stronger how many how many times you need to be lifting a wheat what sort of exercise do you need to be doing so any goal you have it’s easy to say whatever I want to bench 315 pounds and then it just never actually. 


Happens because you don’t get the plan to get there but if you really it’s depends on how bad you want it right because if you want it bad enough to plan it down to every single day how many calories you need to be what’s your macros need to be there’s I mean, you’re absolutely gonna get it done so I look at it like that it’s anyone can do whatever the fuck they want it’s just a matter of how granular you get with your plan and how disciplined you are to actually follow through with it. 


I’ll give you a shout out to John Brooks on the heat, he did. Something similar with you know, he had a monetary goal. I forgot what it was but he broke down how much money he needed to make on real estate commissions broken down into how much marketing he needed to do broken down into how many phone calls he needed to make on a daily basis in order to hit his commission goal for that year just such a cool thing and and you can break any annual goal down into into quarters into months into weeks into the data day, so what we’re doing right now in YellowBird a way to push. 


That is through our rocks rocks are quarterly business goals what we did last quarters we had rocks without any sort of milestones milestones are two week checkpoints along the way and it’s easy to put stuff off when you have these checkpoints and what people in the office are finding now is these two week checkpoints are forcing them almost to an in an uncomfortable way towards accomplishing these rocks and it’s making it almost impossible not to accomplish them because they’re doing the stuff they need to be doing on the day to day to get to where they need to be at the end of the quarter. 


So this is our first time using milestones it’s been phenomenal and we did kind of a shitty job putting them together so next quarter first quarter 2021, we’re gonna utilize them even more and you know, kind of the sky’s the limit with how hard you can push it one of my milestones is picking up a smaller, you know. 


10 to 50 house rental portfolio so it’s forcing me even that it’s getting me out of the world one of the day to day to go in and pull those lists make the letter I need to write send it out and it’s I have milestones so I can’t just put it off until December 20th, you know, so that’s a cool theme for the week is breaking your personal goals or your business goals down to a quarterly monthly weekly things you need to do down to daily things you need to do you’re always gonna have the whirlwind but you should have that, you know hour to Our time period every morning where you know, where you get some flow going and you actually move forward on the stuff, that’s actually important. 


Cool. There’s some other stuff I want to talk about but that went a little longer than I expected so I’m just gonna what I’m gonna do is kind of expand on that a little bit more and then we’ll call it quits for Halloween weekend and we’ll save the other stuff for next week so. 


This is another thing I talked about in my email last week, but greatness is not an event. I think that is such a cool way to work to look at its greatness in and success, especially in the industry that we’re in is of doing a bunch of boring shit over and over again every day and watching it compound and it compounds into something great. 


I hammer that home with the peapod guys that it’s all about, you know, there’s you watch HGTV and those all these beautiful flips and everything, you know, that’s that has nothing to do with the reality of how you. Make money in this you make money in this by talking to people and grinding on a daily basis and that all adds up in to being successful so that is the same if you’re right, it’s the same if you’re doing it on your own to if you’re if you’re running a business there’s not any you’re not gonna walk into YellowBird and make some big enormous change and it’s just gonna be magical and everything’s gonna work better and everything’s gonna be great if you have a shitty culture in your office, you’re not just. 


Gonna walk in one day and create a nap room or let people bring their fucking dogs to the office and everything’s gonna be changed and every with everyone’s gonna be happy it’s a gradual everything is a gradual chain gradual thing doing being consistent day to day and making sure those things you’re doing consistently are aligning to the goal in the end so once again, I’m kind of goes full circle to first you need your vision, you need your plan and that plan needs to. 


Break down into weeks into the day to day and all those basic things that you do every single day will slowly compound and become something phenomenal. So that’s the way we look at stuff here when I look back at my life that’s a lot of the good things that I’ve accomplished have been the same way yeah there’s no magic formula we have the pints with Pat and people ask what we do to get the funding ring whether we do for the the marketing it’s the same boring shit everyone else does just done on a day-to-day basis and being aggressive with it, so thank you everyone for watching everyone have a phenomenal Halloween weekend. 


I will be trick-or-treating on Saturday and Jax Beach. If you don’t have kids and you’re not trick-or-treating. I hope you have a great time at whatever costume party you’re going to hammer and some beers. I love Halloween. It’s such a great such a great holiday. Everyone have a great weekend.