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What’s up everybody it is Friday or no, it’s not it’s Thursday we’re dead we’re doing pints of pad on Thursday today is Thursday the 10th yes tomorrow is Friday the 11th so I was half right there Thursday the 10th we’re doing this today because tonight is very exciting the yellow bird Christmas party, we’re really excited about it this year it’s down in Saint Augustine, we got everyone hotel rooms, we’re going out to I forgot the place we’re going to dinner but it’s right in like the downtown.

Saint Augustine strip so we’re gonna do that now we’re gonna hit the Knights of Lights and then hit the bars after and be very safe with I’m sure we’ll be wearing masks the whole time, you know, just to prevent the corona virus spread. I was thinking about you know, Matt’s been doing a good job pushing me to do this. Make sure we do this podcast every Friday. I enjoy doing it.

I actually like doing it but sometimes when you hit the whirlwind of Friday after a long week and it’s three o’clock in the afternoon, you still have a bunch of other shit you need to get done. Just it seems to be the last thing on my plate sometimes and it’s it’s easy to be like a fuck it will just do it next Friday but we’ve been really good about getting it done that’s why I’m at put this on my calendar to do it Thursday, so another thing it pushes me to do is make sure I mean, I always have something to talk about we always have some issue we’re working through here, but I also like to give some tidbits to who’s ever listening to some business thoughts or thoughts on mindset and what doing it every Friday keeps me.

It keeps me always having to learn new stuff during the week or always freshening up what I have learned before so I talked about Grant Cardone a little bit last week in our in our yellow bird book club this week, we’re just finishing up his book be obsessed or be average we’ve got the last portion of it in our latin next meet our meeting is less is this next Thursday, so I just finished it today, it’s the second time I’ve read it and like I said last Friday grants a little much to take and there was you know, there was some people that really liked it.

And some people that hated it you kind of either love or hate him but man his mind is mindset and the stuff he talks about in that book are so good there’s just so many tidbits you can get from it and there’s two that I wanted to talk about today more towards the end of the book he talks about and this is what my Friday email is about last week, he talks about how it doesn’t take money to make money, it takes courage to make money, so.

Um, I think a statement like that you have to hear it at the right time in your life because when I was in my early to mid-20s, you know it was working a lot offshore. I just thought having money and being wealthy was kind of not really ever going to happen to someone like me and the people that were wealthy either got really lucky or they just ended up falling into these jobs that paid them large amounts of money.

I was you know, now being in the industry for a while and, Seeing firsthand what it takes to do the single family home grind that that statement of it takes courage to make money just ring so true to me because I had to extend a lot outside my comfort zone to make that lifestyle change and it’s just it’s comforting to see someone with these successive grant cardone say the same thing in that any industry whether it’s real estate whether it’s sales, it takes courage to make money.

It’s easy. To sit back and do the clerical bullshit like setting up your LLC or going to classes and watching people do PowerPoints presentations about real estate investing and never actually take action. The tough part is actually having those conversations with sellers. It’s being told to fuck off on the phone.

It’s getting yelled at having the courage to get up and do it again. It’s and if you’re a salesperson, the the the hard part of being a sales guy or Grant Cardone talks about when he was a, When he was trying to sell his programs the hard part is getting shot down by businesses over and over again and having the courage to get up dust yourself off and talk to another talk to another bunch of people until you get until you make the sales you want to do or anything until things start to go the way you want them to.

So I want to bring up that point because it’s just so true. It does not take a bunch of money to make more money. It takes courage. It takes balls, takes grit to go out and actually do it. Another thing he mentions at the end of the book is like as I’m saying this, Stuff like I really don’t know how you can hate the guy like he’s cocky but his message is messages just you know, they kind of give you the feeling that anything’s possible and you can grow as big as you want.

You just know, there’s no limits. So it’s a great book if you haven’t read it. It gives you some good perspectives on life, but he talks about he talks about if you were refused to quit there’s no way you can fail and I’m not gonna be able to do it justice if you if you read that part of the book read it an audible or listen to him if you want.

Audible the book it’s awesome because he does a really good job. Reading it and adding little quips and everything but he talks about if you refuse to quit you can’t fail and it’s true we talk about that a lot in the peapod it’s just if you’re putting the work in every week and you’re talking to whatever it is 50 people you’re talking to a hundred people every single week and you refuse to quit forever there’s there’s no way you can fail you you eliminate that.

Everyone has that breaking point but as I talked about last week talking about burnout you just have to focus your purpose and know why you’re doing it and if you never plan on quitting you’re never gonna fail that’s why yellow bird throughout the next couple you you’re well next year we plan on doing it, but that’s why we’re gonna get to 30 direct to seller acquisitions a month because we’re already doing an aggressive amount of volume and if we don’t if we don’t quit we know our numbers we have the right people in place to do it and I just know for a fact we’re gonna get there and there’s no reason for us to ever quit until we.

Do get there so that refusal to quit if you refuse to quit you can’t fail. I think that’s a unique way to think about things and it just rings really true. I had one more thing. I was gonna talk about this week but I think I’m gonna wrap up a little early we’re gonna be getting out of here pretty shortly heading down to Saint Augustine,… this is one of my favorite parts of the year to be able to be around people.

Be around people you respect and that do a great job all year we all work hard towards the goal and now we get to let loose a little bit and yellow bird foots the bill for everyone to have a really fun night get to know each other a little better talk about the year this night’s like this make it all worth it to me, that’s what make you know, that’s why we do it it’s it’s really really fun, so thanks everybody that listened and we will see you next Friday.