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What is up everybody? It is the pints with Pat podcast, Friday December 4th. Thank you for… tuning into this. Sorry, we have taken a couple weeks off for the holidays. I don’t even… the holidays…. the Fridays… just they fill up with stuff and they get busy sometimes so sometimes it’s hard to fit this in but that’s okay. 


I’m just going on the yellow bird connect page real quick, we’re gonna go live start live video. So I really do like doing this it’s it’s it’s so much easier last time when we were doing a I sent a couple Friday emails about it too but when we’re doing the big marketing push in 2019, we had a good marketing department and they were setting me up on all these all these interviews with real estate investors from all over the country and they were all like really good people we interviewed Brett Daniels from TTP we interviewed. 


A couple other guys their names are mistaking we but now I see them everywhere on doing the podcast circuits and everything but that was like it was I just didn’t enjoy doing that it put a lot of pressure around me during the day when I was trying to focus on finding deals to step away from and do the podcast and in the end there wasn’t like a whole lot of purpose to it. 


I didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t really care to do it and even the reason behind us doing it wasn’t great it wasn’t bringing in more deals, yes, it keeps us dangerous and possibly out there and you don’t know what comes from it, but It just it just didn’t do it for me I was getting burnt out on it which is the topic that I really wanted to bring up today and I didn’t think I put it in my Friday email it’s a different topic in my Friday me but today I wanted to talk about burnout. 


I am no stranger to burn out because it happened a couple different times in my life one time being getting burnt out of being offshore and drilling rigs me and Sarah were just talking talking about it this morning we were talking about we were talking about suicide rates actually and suicide rates with. 


With what job you’re doing and she was telling me that oil rig she looked it up for some reason and oil rigs is one of the highest suicide rates and I was like well I kind of get why I mean every single day we’re out there and you’re up at five in the morning for a safety meeting at 5:30 and then you work from six in the morning and ten to ten o’clock at night sixteen hour days seven days a week for the four four six weeks that you’re out there so I can see I can see why that is the high one and it does suck and it’s easy to get burnt out when you’re just doing that over. 


And over again the other time I was burnt out was when I first got into real estate. I was answering all the marketing phone calls going on all the appointments and it’s really exciting to do that at first because every time the phone rings like it’s you know, possible money call but at some point. 


You get to the point where it’s like it rings at three o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday and you’re hanging out with your kid and it’s like fuck this like I don’t care if this is a $40,000 deal fifty thousand dollar did I don’t care I cannot answer one more fucking phone call with a guy calling me and telling me to go fuck myself. 


I just I physically cannot pick up the fucking phone, so we’re reading a Grant Cardones book right now and a yellow bird book club be obsessed or be average and he talks of About burnout and he talks about how you’re never really gonna get burnt out you just lose your sense of purpose and I thought about it even more and took it to the next level the reason I got burnt out answering the phone was because of laziness honestly because because I was too lazy to solve the problem of answering the phone of going on the appointment, so Grant Cardone says in the book, the reason the the way to solve burnout is not go on vacation, it’s to dig deeper. 


Red and I know a lot of people have a lot of different opinions on Grant Cardone, he’s very outspoken he’s loud, he’s a very easy guy to hate but this really spoke true to me because when I doubled down and put more effort in and figured out that hey, let’s solve the problem of answering the phone maybe it’s a person maybe it’s a VA maybe it’s the professional company that calls and in and you can do your marketing and they answer inbound phone calls, let’s solve that problem and then let’s solve the other problem of you going on every single. 


Appointment and running around like crazy person and let’s see what happens so we started treating yellow bird like a business and hired someone that is now way better at me than answering the phones and now we have two people that in my opinion are both way better than me at going out and closing real estate contracts and, Because of that I actually worked more and I was way more engaged in what I was doing I was way happier and now I’m just I’m all in I’m in a phenomenal spot and that is because I stopped being lazy which laid the the lazy thing to do was just to fucking answer the phones and go on appointments for the rest of my life and do do that amount of deals for the rest of my life because there’s only so you have very much have a ceiling there right you have a ceiling there’s only so many hours in the day, there’s so many so much I could do and I was burnt out and hated it. 


So when I got unlazy and solved the actual problem at hand the problem that was making me crazy it it opened up a whole new light so now I look at everything like that another example is that the our our landing pages for our marketing it’s always been a clusterfuck that the way that they’re routed and the way they’re set up and the domains name domain names. 


I mean from the beginning of time and I’ve always ignored it and it’s always been a pain in my ass, so now we’re getting to the point where it’s like you. Know. A sick a fucking talking about these goddamn landing pages, let’s sit here the people that are involved in it and let’s fix the problem so we never have to talk about it again and it’s easier said than done right but you know, that’s that’s the way I think you have to treat everything like everything that is a little thorn in your side is gonna continue to be a thorn in your side until you do the hard work and actually fix it put a different way, it’s a, CEO’s and and manage and executive level people the easy thing for those people to do when the people that they’re managing or the people that are leading have a problem they come up to them they hear here’s my problem the easy thing for them to do is go just solve the problem quickly and be a hero and be a firefighter the really hard thing to do is to put processes and steps in place so that you don’t have to anymore another good metaphor for that that I think about a lot is you know, you got a village in the middle of the woods. 


And you have just two business people and one guy everyone in the village needed water water was a mile walk away so one guy would go out and he had a team of people that would run out and get buckets of water each day a bunch of employees very successful business, he made money quickly the other guy strategically had a small team of guys that dug a hole and built a pipeline from from the lake that was a mile away to the village so he wasn’t making money immediately he was going to die. 


He was spending time doing spending time and energy and making no money but once the pipeline was built he obviously blew the other guy out of the water so when you’re working day to day, whatever you’re doing whether you’re in a job or leading group try to think about every task you do of right now and by building a pipeline or am I running buckets of water back and forth, I try to think about that and it it helps me out a lot it keeps me aligned and just the bucket of the water thing and also. 


Like am I just putting out a fire right now or am I putting out a fire right now or am I actually solving the deep problem at you so it’s all I got guys thank you for listening. I appreciate everyone that does listen to my little tidbits each week and everyone have a great weekend beginning of the December holiday season and I will see you next Friday.