There are dozens of reasons you may be looking to sell your house fast in Jacksonville, Florida, including looming code violations, divorce, inherited property, losing your job, need for extensive repairs, etc. Although these often make landing a successful sale feel overwhelming, you can always get a good deal with the right support and approach.


What is a Code Violation?

Every county and city government has minimum safety, suitability, and sanitation standards for housing. When a housing inspector or code enforcement officer finds a property that falls short of these minimum standards, it will be tagged with a code violation. There are many code violation or offense levels and building condemnation is the most severe.

Some of the most common code violations we have come across in Jacksonville include; illegal signage, obstruction of views, debris & junk, damaged or inoperable vehicles, overgrown grass & vegetation, damaged exterior walls, mold & mildew, unpermitted works, electrical defects, etc.

The inspector typically places a big yellow, orange, or red sign on the front door or window and you may receive the violation notice in your mail.

No matter what your specific issue is, be rest assured you can still get a great deal for your property if you decide to sell – and if selling isn’t the right option for you, we can also provide you free advise to help get your house up to code.



Getting every single detail about your code violation will help you make the best decision possible. You may have been issued a notice of violation with important information such as the violation number, name, type, and date of issue.

house with trash


However, this notice hardly carries details like the ongoing penalties for non-compliance and what’s required to remediate the situation. We recommend you contact the code enforcement department directly for more via;

Tel: (904) 255-8521

Website: Municipal Code Compliance

Website: Building Inspection Division

Address: 214 North Hogan Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202


Selling your house with code violations in Jacksonville through the conventional process with an agent is possible but can be super challenging. It often requires extensive repairs, stopping the fines, fixing all existing code violations, finding and receiving offers from multiple potential buyers.

This process can be time-consuming and complicated even though it doesn’t quite guarantee you’d get the best deal over time. However, this route could fetch you the highest value for your property.

Your best option would likely be two options:


Making the Repairs or Fixing the Violation

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is the take care of the violation, whether that be repairing the house, maintaining the yard or petitioning with the city.  However sometimes the repairs needed are out of control due to the property being damaged that it may be infeasible to repair on ones own.  In these cases offloading the property quickly to prevent liens from building up can be the best solution.

Depending on the circumstance, it may be beneficial to

Selling As-Is to A Trusted Fast Cash Buyer.

There are dozens of reasons for picking this option and the advantages include;

The process is usually much shorter. All you need to do is find a trusted fast cash buyer within the Jacksonville, Florida market, and submit the details about your property including information about the code violations.

You can expect a good offer for your property as-is within a few days and the direct buyer or real estate investor handles all the paperwork and other formalities depending on how soon you wish to move. You need to pay attention to details such as the escrow deposit, the closing date, the inspection, and financing contingency. The joy of working with fast cash buyers is no need for 3rd party financing.

Upon closing, you get receive your cash and transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer after signing closing documents and handing the keys.

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  1. I need to talk to either James Wingate or the actual Inspector (Mr. Wonderul) who helped me finally get the authorization for JEA to come in and put the new meter can on 205 Claremore Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32220 on August 28, 2020. Mr. Wingate came to the house and there was an agreement made with Michael Holdinessin who has been incarcerated since November 13, 2020. Also, Wayne Lee Berry has caused an illegal eviction action against Tina Passmore who paid for all the permits, and physical compliance to the property requested by JEA to me that I was paying the two tampering charges and the past due bills and electric permit to bring the property up to code. Well, I have put a lot of money into this house, fixed broken appliances, paid for criminal activities and am being removed by the court because these parties were able to harass me with COJ, would call the police to come here with false allegations, mess with the mailbox and mail, and now are having me removed before the agreed to lease of 3 years Michael Holdiness and I agreed to all these issues with this property. Furthermore, I am hearing that Mr. Berry is trying to sell this house without Mr. Holdiness. I have been the only saving grace to help Mr. Holdiness but now have learned he came on board to have me removed from the property due to his criminal charges and I am a potential witness. This is an act of retaliation against me for not being home but subjecting me to DNA tests due to the nature of his crime.

    My issue with all of this is that I was given special consideration to get the house powered and received a final permit with a stipulation attached. This house had 6 to 9 violations against it if I wrote them down correctly and nothing has been corrected to the best of my knowledge except for the upgrades I have done. I am to leave everything for these parties that I paid for out of my pocket and not be compensated, and no one would have been able to reside here in the conditions they were living per Mr. WonAugust 28, 2020/s compensated and not even given a lien against these parties.

    Furthermore, the house is infested with cock roaches, rats, parasites, and soil contamination in which my service dog and I are trying to remove the parasites from our bodies, the yard, inside the house, drains, and more. I have photos of them in the water when I was bathing and this has to do with the power being off for so long as well as humans defecating in the soil of the back yard near water softener for the whole house, well pump, and then the broken element I replaced in the hot water heater has roundworms, hookworms and whipworms on the element which also is in the water and all throughout the drains of the house plumbing issues of backing up due to the garbage disposal they put in the sink and my son’s girlfriend uses the toilet plunger Michael Holdiness had under the kitchen sink but was used in toilets to plunge and contaminate the drains and water causing a health risk for every person who enters said premises and the animals. Please inspect this property and do not let them use another innocent victim. Both these men are incarcerated and are harming those who have helped them. My cell phone was stolen so you can only reach by email. [email protected]

  2. There is an abandoned trailer in front of 1817 west 24rh street that is a nuisance and impeding trafic

  3. House located at 612 Meteor Street is in substandard condition. The whole back of the house has been torn out. Vagrants are residing in and out of the house. Empty Beer bottles are found in the back yard. Rats have infested the house. The pecan tree in their yard is encroaching on my property. The encroachment has bent my chain link fence 10 inches on my property. The whole tree needs to be removed by the owner ASAP. This is a drug infested area grass in back yard is 2 feet high. Please help.