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Inheriting your parent’s house? Or another one of your loved one’s?

No matter how hard I try, I can’t put into words the sentimental value of that property.

Inheriting a house isn’t similar to winning a lottery.

It’s a highly-sensitive topic and can be a huge stress-buster on the surviving heirs.

I understand. And if you are wondering what to do with it, I’ve got you covered.

As stated by Bruno Graziano,
“Ideally, there are three paths you can take –
rent out the house, sell it, or move into it.
The choice is yours.”

Depending on your circumstances, you can go with either of the three options.

So, let’s figure out which one is the right fit for you.


3 Things You Can Do with an Inherited House in Jacksonville

  • Rent Out the House
  • Sell It
  • Move into It

Rent Out the House

Inherited a single or multi-family residential home in Jacksonville?

If you aren’t ready to sell it yet and don’t want to live there, you can consider renting it out.

Yes, you might have to carry out a few repairs or upgrades. You might even have to ensure that it’s marketable.

But seriously, it’s a superb investment, as you be building yourself with a great passive income stream.

To rent out your house, I’d advise you to get in touch with a realtor in Jacksonville who knows all the market’s ins and outs to avoid going through the hassle of doing it all by yourself.


Sell It

Got a mortgage? Living out of state? Or worried about the taxes due?

If it’s just too much for you or you don’t actually know what to do with it, you can consider selling it.

Either you can go through the mind-draining process of listing your house on the Jacksonville real estate market, scheduling an open house, carrying out repairs and renovations to impress your potential buyers, etc. where you will have to wait for months before you sell your house, or you can just get in touch with us to turn the entire process quicker, easier and highly-rewarding.

We are one of the most popular home buyers in Jacksonville, Florida, and contact us, we’ll be sending you an offer within a few days.

And the best thing is, there’s absolutely nothing you need to take care of.

No Repairs! No Commissions! No Waiting for Months!


Pick up your phone, dial-in, discuss details, and that’s it!– We’ll send you an offer within a few days.  Simple, fast and flexible!


Move into It

If you reside in Jacksonville and don’t want to sell or rent your house, you can consider moving into it.

Maybe, you might have lived in it for years. You might be emotionally attached to each and every corner of the place there is.

But, before you do, ask yourself if you are okay with debt obligations, if any, on the house.

What if the mortgage balance is way more worth than your home’s value? Or the principal and interest payment is more than what you can actually afford.

If there aren’t any debt obligations in the first place and moving into it isn’t a thing to worry about, I’d say go for it. It’s one of the best ways to keep that house in your family.



There’s a fourth option that I haven’t laid out here – Keeping your house vacant.

I’d advise against it because there’s no point in keeping your house vacant as you may have to deal with squatters. Vacant homes start rotting, and if you go with this option, you’ll be losing your big bucks on repairs or replacements that could have been completely avoided.  Additionally the city may place costly liens on it which will add to the financial burden that may already be weighing on you.

If you want to sell your inherited property in Jacksonville, get in touch with us TODAY! Just click here to enter your house address and get a FAST QUOTE for a CASH PURCHASE of your house.