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Selling a house that needs repairs can sometimes seem overwhelming., especially if homeowners run out of time and are forced to sell before facing foreclosure and eviction proceedings. There are other times where somebody is unable to, either physically or due to cost, complete the repairs to list it on the real estate market. Fortunately there are other options homeowners in Jacksonville have to ease their mind.

Sell Your Home As-Is

In order to sell a house as-is in Jacksonville you disclose that no repairs will be made to the property, nor will any repair or seller credit be given to the buyers at the time of closing. In order to sell a house as-is buyers will, however, expect a discount on the purchase price. At most, buyers will request a home inspection and appraisal done on the property. Lenders typically will not lend on an as-is property so the closing will be a cash transaction. Unfortunately this limits the amount of buyers that will be able to make an offer on the property, however the closing time will be a lot quicker, as bank documentation and processes will not need to be waited on.

Make the Repairs

The logical first step to sell a house that needs repairs in Jacksonville is to make the repairs in hopes to selling at the top of the market. You will need to get your house inspected by a professional, get estimates from contractors or trades, have them pull permits, and wait for the repairs to be done. While this can potentially help you earn top dollar for your house, if a contractor is less than honest, or if additional repairs creep up, the cost you spend on repairs can easily surpass the additional money you would have earned from making the repairs. Additionally, the amount of time on the market and the closing time can be an unknown, so be certain that you are ready to hold on to the property for a potentially longer time.

Sell Directly to a Jacksonville Home Buyer

Selling a house as-is can unfortunately yield no results as buyers are often turned away from homes that are not move in ready. The hassle of listing it with no results yielded can be unfortunate. Instead of going through all the hassles and headache of listing the property, dealing with agents, making repairs, having appraisers and owners track through your house, the easier solution is to sell your house to YellowBird Home Buyers for cash. This is known as a direct party to party sale. The best part is you will need to make no repairs, you will pay no closing costs, agent fees, or junk fees, and your house can be sold in less than a week. If push comes to shove we can buy the house within 48 hours. On the flip side, there is no rush. If you need a month or two (or longer) to get your affairs in order, we are extremely flexible! YellowBird will take all the risks when buying a property that needs repairs.

Lastly, if selling directly to YellowBird is not the solution, we have agents in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and other areas that can list the house for you. The best idea is to call us at 904-637-8017 or leave us a message at our sell your house for cash now form!