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What’s up everybody we’re at Pints with Pat Friday the 15th of January second week into the new year we run traction at yellow birds at the book EOS is what we use for our day to day and on the 15th is our first milestone for rocks for the 2020 Q1 business year so rocks have been a huge part of moving us forward. 


You know that we took this from obviously traction but I, Got the idea of doing it from DLP and they claim that they in one quarter because of rocks and one quarter putting your top priorities first they get more done and more one quarter than most companies do in a year and I truly believe it. 


Setting quarterly goals and that 90-day quarter period is naturally really conducive for human goal setting too far out setting six months one year goals, sometimes you forget about them or sometimes you lose interest but those 90 days segments and getting. Should get done and then those 90-day segments have been really effective for them and it’s been really helpful for us. 


Cool, so what I wanted to bring up today is I wrote a big long post on the yellow bird Facebook page last Saturday, I think and the main topic of it was waking up early and getting really serious about winning. So I just wanted a lot of the feedback from it to be positive but I got some negative feedback too which I want to I didn’t comment on, but I thought it’d be a good topic to talk about today. 


The waking up early thing So I’ve never you know I’m not naturally an early riser at all and to be completely honest. I don’t necessarily enjoy it. Well, let me start with what the negative feedback was from me from the post . The post was, you know, talking about waking up early, getting up before the competition, getting your miracle morning and before the day starts which are all good habits and then some of the comments were well. 


I think you know, if it doesn’t matter if you wake up early in the morning, you can accomplish your goals. Just stay up if you’re naturally a person that likes to stay up late at night at work or if you’re more productive at night. I think this is and people are saying I think it’s stupid to say everyone should wake up early in the morning and you have to do this to pre-productive which yes. 


I get that I get everyone’s different. I know a lot of people that are super productive at night, but here’s a couple things about waking up in the morning. First off, I’m not naturally an early riser. I like staying up late naturally. I do stay up late and I and I like it. 


Sleep late to be honest but since I implemented waking up at 5am and I’m not perfect like I’m not a I’m I’m typically up at five but that’s been my rock and I didn’t necessarily accomplish getting it into seven days a week last year, so even now. I probably average five days a week. I’m up at five and then you know, you have those nights stay up late drinking beers or something like that, like I’m not I’m not pushing I’m not perfect. 


I’m not pushing myself to wake up at five every morning but what I’ll say about being a late night worker versus an early morning worker first. Of all I have two kids two young girls so that time from five in the morning until 7:30 when they wake up is my zen it is literally the only time during the day that I get to be my myself clear my mind think and it’s phenomenal the days that I’m up at five and get my workout and you know get my quiet thinking time in and get to eat breakfast alone before everyone’s up. 


I am so much more clear when I get to the office. I know exactly what I need to do that day. I feel like I’ve got, Ten ahead of the day and that’s why I shared that post is that every single day that I’m up super early and get everything in beforehand. 


I just have a way better day, so that’s why I shared that yes, if you right if you don’t have kids and you can stay up and work till, you know, three in the morning that’s fine and I’m sure you’ll get you know, I’m sure you’ll get just as much done if you’re a person that likes to work late night, but I will add this one last caveat to it, there’s something there’s something special. 


I think. About being up before the sun rises, it takes a certain amount of mental toughness to get your ass out of bed at 5 am it’s it’s a toughness that can be learned that you you know, you have to grind to do it it sucks but I think it makes you stronger and it makes you tougher jumping out of bed at 5am for me, it’s is really easy to stay up till 3:00 in the morning and it is like I can just you know, if I start a project at 10 o’clock and I’m I’m into it and I’m flowing. 


I it’s easy for me to stay up till 3 difficult very very difficult for me to get up at 5 am it’s it is a mental toughness thing so I think it makes you harder it makes you tougher if you are up every morning at the ass crack of dawn, that’s all I’ll say about that. 


I’m not shitting on people that stay up late at all. I know a lot of people much more successful than me that stay up late in our success with it, but that’s just my personal opinion on it just personally, that’s my only time to myself. 


I do it on a necessity and I think there’s a certain amount of toughness that you form in your brain in your mind when you force your ass to get out of bed at 5:00 am. Know that’s all I have to say about those people that didn’t like didn’t like that post, you know, I support you but I’m still I’m still you know gonna lean towards the early morning sides one good thing. 


I love doing this podcast every Friday. It forces me to think about my wins of the week every week, and I think. I think this week a cut we had a couple phenomenal ones first off we we bought a bunch of houses this week, I don’t know exactly how many but we’re we’re tracking really good this year, we’re tracking exactly how we wanted to tons of marketing going out houses flowing in social medias rocking, we got you know, a bunch of we’re working with a lot of wholesalers where JV and with a lot of other flippers in town. 


I feel like we’re poised to have a really good year and also help other people have a really good year. I’ve never done it before . I’ve talked about the pea pods before. But the peapod this week we had everyone from the current peapod and everybody besides Yahaira from the last peapod all in the office last night for a live one and we had a couple guys that were thinking about bringing it on for an acquisitions we’re also we had about ten people in the office last night just talking shop just talking real estate lead generation, we were talking about specific leads specific houses, we’re talking about past deals that Mary and Jared from the old peapod did and we talked about some. 


Mind stuff set stuff the 20 mile march and it was just it was phenomenal a little group. I think we went for like an hour and a half it’s just like a little small group mastermind from the got people that have spent a lot of time with me and I really enjoyed it that was a huge win from the week and you know, I talked about the main purpose of doing it is it’s it’s not a money-driven thing, obviously everything’s everything’s free. 


I truly do enjoy watching the people and the pea pod or you know, the people that work here at Yellow Bird yellow bird. I love watching them take on. Ownership and buy a house when they’ve never done it before or step up and take control of the control of something when you power them to do it that makes me more happy than you know, watching the net profit on a house we sold so that’s why I do it and it’s it’s been really fun it’s been really fun watching the peapod people step up and stay consistent so huge win from the week was that I really enjoyed it another win from this week is you know, I I hate that I’m saying this but I’m gonna say it anyway. 


The reason I hate that I’m saying it is because that meditation thing has been I feel like it’s such a cliche thing nowadays. I feel like you know, everyone says they meditate every morning and it’s been the biggest change of their life but the reality is you look at you look at top performers and people that really have their shit together not just in business, but just their entire life as a whole like they’re good fathers, they’re good husbands, they’re good spiritually people that have all their shit together there’s a common, you know, the common denominator for it is meditation change my life. 


So. So I’ve tried it many at times for years failed miserably and I just got it the tip from someone to and if anyone listening has any comments on this, you know, please put him in or if you have any questions but I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with it, but I got the tip to try the guided meditation things. 


So I downloaded both the apps. I downloaded headspace and calm and I’ve been doing the beginner courses which is this basic five minute like and they walk you through it exactly what to do and holy shit. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. To where I used to just sit on my back deck in the morning after working out and be like I’m gonna meditate right read some spiritual books I’m gonna get in the gap and get in the infinite fucking wisdom and get all my answers for what I’m gonna do and the answers to all my problems and it was it was just a massive failure. 


I’d sit there and think about dumb shit and look around and listen to the birds chirp and it wasn’t really enjoyable. I just got bored but went through the calm and the headspace guided meditations for five minutes and I’m doing the ten minute one man. I like I sit there and I enjoy it and I’m like what if you can do this on? 


On an airplane what if you could sit there and meditate on an airplane for a little bit and get your you know, I feel so much better after doing it. And I’ll try to describe it a little bit the the one I went through this morning. It was one of the beginner comm courses and does anyone have any opinion on listening on Calm vs headspace? 


I’m going through both of them right now on enough that anybody uses it but I went through a calm one this morning and it was talking about it was talking about the fact that there’s always thoughts running through. Your mind right but what is a superpower as a human as you can take a step back in your brain and he described it as sitting on the side of a highway drinking beers in a lawn chair as buses are racing by so these buses are your thoughts and you can take that step back and literally watch your thoughts race by or you know, the other metaphor for it is kind of like a cloud passing by you recognize that you have a thought you recognize that you’re you know, the thought is there and that is separate act. 


Ually from you and you see it pass by So you know if I’m sitting there on the deck and I see a squirrel and I’m thinking about squirrels. I can take a step back and recognize that hey asshole don’t be thinking about a fucking squirrel right now. Let’s get back to what we’re doing. Get back to your home base and I just thought that was interesting and I was practicing it this morning and I had this like image of my head of thoughts being bubbles. 


So, I’m just kind of sitting there watching these bubbles all float around and it gives you this weird sense of control which I I have been really enjoying. And that’s why I’m, that’s why I’m sharing it with you guys. So if you’ve tried meta meditation a bunch and just think it’s stupid and cliche to do I would tell you to download one of those apps headspace gives you 14 days for free to give it a shot and calm it gives you seven days for free and then if you decide to do it, I think it’s like 60 or 70 bucks for the whole year. 


In the apps have way more than just meditation guided meditations, they have like they have music to listen to while you work. They have different little workouts and Ornaments meditations and they have all sorts of shit in there though. John not even close to getting to I’m still she’ll try to figure out what the fuck I’m doing but anyway. 


I’ve really enjoyed it and that’s why I’m bringing it up because if I can add a little value to the people that watch on Friday or listen to the podcast, that’s what I’m gonna do, so I wish someone told me about these these little five-minute non-commitment guided ones before because like I said, I’m only a weekend, I’ll report on progress but uh, Cool. 


Luke said calm has a new show on Netflix. I’ll definitely check that out but yeah if anyone can try it, you know. I would highly highly suggest it so the last piece so what I wanted to say today got lunch with Daniel. Lee today’s big-time flipper in Jacksonville was a great time. We were talking a little bit about the market talking about 2021 me and Kyle have also obviously talked a lot about 2021 here’s our feelings on it. 


2021 is going to be a phenomenal year to make money flipping houses, so what we are doing is we are doubling down we’re trying to buy as much as we can from wholesalers as much as we can from the MLS. On auctions everywhere that being said you don’t know what’s gonna happen right yet yeah Joe Biden taken over you don’t know exactly what he’s gonna do, you don’t know what Corone is gonna do what if we get into a you know, what if we getting down the road and we have to shut down the country again or something and you’re you’re you’re hammering on the gas and you get a 15-20 million dollar balance sheet and now you can’t renovate or sell any houses so our strategy going as you can’t live scared that the country’s gonna shut down again, but we are consciously trying to keep the balance sheet small and move things quick. 


Ly so that’s our theme this year and we’re kind of sharing it with everybody. I think everyone should have that same mindset don’t be scared to buy houses and don’t be scared to do some volume this year spend some money on marketing, but make sure you’re moving stuff quickly, you know, if you need to wholesale something to keep the value if you can’t get to the house for a couple months and you thought and I bought it. 


I bought it pretty thin maybe. I want a JV and have someone else do it. I I think that is good play now so keep things moving. I think that a great year in 2021 to make money I think all of us will do really well this year but let’s keep things moving and that’s what all that’s all I would say and that’s pretty much all I got going into Friday afternoon. 


I really thought that if you know, and we’re getting serious about doing this every week, it really makes you sit down and it makes me like before me and Matt do this. I have to sit down and think about the week and think about it . What did I learn this week? 


I have any tidbits for anyone and if I go too many Fridays at Oh not with nothing to say that’s you know, it’s a red flag, right? It’s a red flag of stagnation but the beginning of the year has been good we’re buying houses, we’re making moves here as far as personnel and systems and yeah, I got nothing to complain about. I think we’re really excited about 2021. 


I think anyone that’s in real estate should be really excited about 20-21 because this can’t last forever but for now, you know, everyone’s doing well, so I would. Say let’s hammer on the gas. So thanks for watching thanks for listening and everybody have a good weekend. We’ll see you next Friday.